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A Weight Loss Journey

Welcome to Not So Heavy – a site all about my weight loss journey. Well, it’s not all about me though but I will share some of my experiences over the past year that I hope will help you lose some weight, and keep it off.

The domain was purchased in March 2016 as I am in my second stint of losing weight to get to my goal set back in August 2015. I’m on target and you will be able to read about these efforts soon. How I got to where I am now will also be available. You could start with why I decided to lose weight already now.

I would love to hear from you too. Want to share your tips and success? Comment away on any of the posts you feel are worth talking about. I hope to publish some user contributed stories on experiences and learnings. Look out for those in July or August.

In the meantime the site will receive about 6 content updates per month. At the beginning it will be more focused on how I have done during my diet. However, as well as the user contributions mentioned above, I will add some recipes too that can assist in your weight loss journey – and some that will not help at all!

No good for weight loss but delicious

The Diet & Weight Loss

I will give details of my “souping” diet, and chart my weight loss over the past year. To be honest though it is as much as a change of habit and, to some extent, lifestyle that are that basis of me losing weight. I hope that you, the reader, find some sort of inspiration from this because as I say in the tagline of this site:

Stay Up to Date

This site is fully up and running now. You can register on this site to see site feeds in your WordPress.com reader.

Additionally you can follow notsoheavyblog on Twitter for updates. A Facebook page is live and other social channels will be coming soon too. And don’t forget to share with friends and folks you know would benefit from the information provided below. Remember…

Have fun on the site, good luck with the weight loss but stay safe!


Latest Posts

15 Weeks Since Diet Ended – Gained Some Weight But …
I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

So it’s 3,5 months since I officially stopped my diet and I have put on 3kg in that time. I’m not worried though as I have changed my lifestyle quite considerably since my “unsustainable” diet ended.

I still “soup” a bit, but this to me is a bit like the 5 / 2 diet but less extreme. You can find out more why I’m not worried about the weight gain.


9 & 1/2 weeks since I ended my diet program
I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

Last week marked one full year since I started my diet program – or change of lifestyle. I don’t normally take measurements too seriously midweek, but to mark the anniversary I decided to log the details.

Here’s what has happened since I stopped “dieting”.


Diet Ended – 5 Things I’ve Learnt So Far
I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

My diet ended 6 weeks ago and I have to admit the weight has been yo-yoing. This is perhaps not a surprise since there have been a number of factors that have affected my day to day life.

Here’s a brief summary of circumstances over the past month and a half and my take-outs so far.


What I did in 2016 to Achieve My Weight Loss Targets
I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

Achieving my weight loss targets for 2016 would be harder, I knew, after losing 15kg first phase in 2015.

As per previous posts on how to achieve SMART goals and targets, (and last year’s too) and how I fared this year it is again time for the gory details of how I got to where I am today.

You might be thinking that this figure is hardly dramatic. It is not, that’s true.