Welcome to Not So Heavy – a site all about my weight loss journey. Well, it’s not all about me though but I will share some of my experiences over the past year that I hope will help you lose some weight, and keep it off.

The domain was purchased in March 2016 while I was on my second stint of losing weight to get to my goal set back in August 2015. How I got to where I am now is available, just have a dig around or a quick search. Or you could start with why I decided to lose weight to see the motivations.

I would love to hear from you too. Want to share your tips and success? Comment away on any of the posts you feel are worth talking about. I hope to publish some user contributed stories on experiences and learnings.

No good for weight loss but delicious

The Diet & Weight Loss

I give details of my “souping” diet, and chart my weight loss over the past year(s). To be honest though it is as much as a change of habit and, to some extent, lifestyle that are that basis of me losing weight. I hope that you, the reader, find some sort of inspiration from this because as I say in the tagline of this site:

If I can lose weight so can you!

The Latest Post

Halfway There – Living on a Prayer

We’re Halfway There – Living on a Prayer 10 weeks into the new “diet” and things have slowed down a bit after a flying start. As I decided at the new year there would be a new me I set my goals to live a little healthier and to try to get rid of the […]

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Have fun on the site, good luck with the weight loss but stay safe!